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The Seven Churches of Asia Minor - $7.00

Revelation 2 & 3

Jesus addresses each Church about the actual circumstances of their time. Also, each Church represents a certain period in History. This book shows the goegraphical location, and the spiritual condition, and the historical position of each Church since the first century.

The Blood Line - $6.00

The Blood line is the thread that connects the entire Bible together. This book hits the crust, setting forth that bloodline. There are 17 drawings which help trace the Blood line from Geneisis through Revelation. A book worth reading.

The Rise and Fall of Satan - $4.00

In the conflict of Life we must learn all we can about our Enemy, Satan. This book reveals Satan as he really is. Satan is seen in his rise and fall; his methods of operation from the beginning to the end.

Worrying Or Trusting God - $2.00

Even the best of Christians can have doubt, fear and worry in the midst of a crisis. This booklet reminds up that trials come to help us grow, to help us to get to know God better, and to be better equipped to help others.