Messages by Dr. Charles Ennis

2009 Messages by Dr. Charles Ennis

God's Standard listen
The Tragedy of Rejecting God's Authority listen
God's Idea On Earth listen
Remember Your Baptism listen
How To Deal With Injustice listen
Jesus Died For All Of Our Sins listen
Dealing With Temptation listen
Our Response to God about Grief listen
Our Response to God about Giving listen
Give Me Thy Heart listen
Christ Jesus Our Anchor listen
Three Ingredients of the Christian Walk listen
The God Given Ability to Think listen
How Would God Sum Up Our Life For Him? listen
Behold The Man listen
One Earth - Two Worlds listen
The Post Modern World listen
God's Wondrous Works listen
There They Crucified Him listen
The Name of Jesus listen
Four Great Mysteries listen

2008 Messages by Dr. Charles Ennis

I May Be Struggling At Times But I Am Never Losing In Christ listen
"If" listen
Romans 8:28 listen
The Road to Adulthood listen
The Climax of Human History - Part 1 listen
The Cosmic Conflict listen
The Climax of Human History - Part 2 listen
What Is Your Lot In Life? listen
What Can Wash Away My Sin? listen
Dealing With Pain listen
My Experience In Life listen
Bible Preaching listen
Christ Still Unrecognized listen
Mary Magdeline's Unrecognized Victory listen
He Saved Others But Cannot Save Himself listen
The Unseen World listen
Why Are We Here? listen
Being Consistent listen
The Origin Of The Human Soul listen
Where Art Thou? listen
The Value Of Life listen
Hagar listen
Theological Truths Are Scientific listen
Prove Me Now listen
Memorial Day 2008 listen
Our Great Responsibility listen
Facing A World Full Of Injustice listen
Who's Business Are We About? listen
Seed Planting Time listen
David As A Father listen
Our Hope listen
A Transformed Mind listen
A Faith That Works listen
Christ Is Precious listen
Has America Become A Nation With No Fear Of God? listen
Creation - Part 1 listen
The Process of Temptation listen
Creation - Part 2 listen
Dealing With Death listen
God Is Always Working listen
Barsabas and Matthias listen
Help Me With My Limitations To See You More listen
Communicating the Gospel listen
The Effect of Sin listen
The Conflict In Our LIfe listen
The True Meaning of Life listen
There listen
What is Worship? listen
Abraham's Test In Life listen
The Subconscious listen
Why Did God Choose Faith For Us? listen
The Conscience listen
The Foundation For Our Confidence listen
God's Peace In This World listen
The Presence of God listen
There Is Power In The Blood listen
Six Things God Does For The Believer That You Cannot Do For Yourself listen
The Preaching That We Need listen
Many Are Writing Their Own Biography Of God listen
Three Groups in Gethsemane listen
Without Him listen
Agree And Then Plea listen
God's Yeast listen
Faith Is Better Than Force listen
A Thankful Heart is Theraputic listen
Describing Bible Confidence listen
The Tool of Prayer listen
God Fulfilling His Promises listen
God's Rest Area listen
The Greatest Night In History listen
Some Things to Anticipate From God in 2009 listen

2007 Messages by Dr. Charles Ennis

Series on the Authorized Version * King James Bible *
  1. Where Does Our Authority Lie? listen
  2. God's Inspired Word listen
  3. Understanding the Scriptures listen
  4. We Must Trust God's Word listen
  5. Why We Should Obey the Scriptures listen
  6. God's Insired, Preserved Word listen

God's Power To Preach To Teach To Witness listen
Biblical Faith listen
The Logic Of Life listen
Familiarity Can Blind People listen
Whom Do You Seek To Please? listen
Remember, Don't Forget WhereGod Has Brought You From listen
What Is That To Thee? listen
That Body May Be Your Body But It Is God's Temple If You Are Saved listen
God Has Spoken About Relationships listen
What Jesus Said About Money listen
Excuses Given To Avoid Salvation listen
God's Courtroom listen
The Sin of Sodom and Gomorrah listen
I Find No Fault In Him listen
A Time When It's Too Late listen
Let Us listen
The Lies in the DaVinci Code listen
Jesus Christ Twelve Years Old listen
The Future Wrath Of God listen
The Glory Of The Cross listen
The Three Appearances Of Christ For The Church listen
My Convictions About The Resurrection Of Jesus Christ listen
What Is Christian Faithfulness? listen
Please Understand My Narrow-mindedness listen
Martha's Lesson listen
What Is Truth? listen
What Has Happened To Truth? listen
Successful listen
The Two Sides Of Jesus listen
Three Lies That Are In Contrast To God's Truth listen
A Dad's Love For His Son listen
Truth Behind Bible Stories listen
Judas' Psychological Thinking listen
America's Foundational Principles listen
The Mind listen
The Function of the Mind listen
Two Opposing Forces in the Christian Life listen
But There Is A God In Heaven listen
This God listen
Make Every Visitor Welcome listen
Four Things That God Wants Us To Be listen
Society's Threefold Sins listen
For Such A Time As This listen
The Difference Between the True and the False Believer listen
Regeneration Must Be Experienced By The Individual In Each Generation listen
Paul's Encounter With The Disciples Of John The Baptist listen
Remembering listen
Patterns Of Life listen
Why Does God Allow Suffering? listen
God Has Spoken listen
God's Mercy Endureth Forever listen
God's Patterns From Heaven listen
God's Christmas Message listen
Our Times Are In God's Hands listen

Messages by Others

2008 Watch Night Service
  1. Hannah Sparks - Grace Alone (song)
  2. Joy Sparks - He Promised (song)
  3. David Lee - Building Noah's House

Ernie Mills - Where Does Addiction Begin?
Jerry Shaw - Diligence
Greg Allison - Our Mission <= FBC 40th Birthday
Tate Throndson - Bitterness
Larry Brown - But Amnon Had A Friend
Adiel DeTorres - Three Things In Hell We Need In The Church
Adiel DeTorres - People I'm Indebted To