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Our ministry includes: church planting, Orphanage, Bible college, Evangelism and Youth Ministry.

Planting Fundamental Baptist Churches

The goals of these churches would be to spread the fundamental doctrines.  These churches are going to teach how to become a real Baptist, Spread the true faith by using the Bible KJV (Translation in French), and preach what the Bible says exactly for the people. Evangelism ministry will be one way to reach theses goals.

Bible College

My vision for ministry is that everyone who God calls in his ministry, this person needs to know the Bible (a true doctrine and good interpretation of all scripture). This supposed the person calling needs to have a good training. To have a good training, you have to choose a good college or seminary. It is evident that many people in Africa especially in Togo had not the opportunity as I have to go a Christian college, and my burden is to provide a place where they can receive a quality and affordable Christian education. The goals of this college are:


Teenager’s Ministry

  I believe that the teenager’s ministry should not be limited only to Sunday school but more then that. I believe that the young people are the people we can use to spread the gospel.  My teenager ministry is going to help the young people grow up and stay in the faith.

Orphans and Widows Ministry

I think ministry of orphans and widows is very important for the church. The church needs to get serious of this ministry before the coming our Lord. I believe to take care of orphans and widows are one among the several ministries of the church according to (James 1:27; 1Tim. 5:3,5; Mark 12:40; Lam. 1:1; Exodus 22:22-24; Acts 6:1). There are around the world especially in Togo many children who have lost one or both parents. These children need to have hope for the future. If there is no hope for the future, these children quickly became troublemaker in society. Our ministry will be to give them hope of the future. Our goal is to give them physical care, social, educational and spiritual care. We have nothing to start with, but our faith in God, who is the Father of these children and who will open the way to reach these goals. I was 6 years old when my father died, but God did not let me down, and He still takes care of me.

To reach these mission programs, God, who is the author of his work, will open the way. If God touches your heart to support this ministry in Togo (West Africa), you will give the possibility of these destitute children the following:

As an orphan, the Word of God was the healing message for me, which nourished my soul and my spirit. Your support would help me reach these goals.

May God bless you for your support.