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Prayer Letters

July 2024 Prayer Letter - More funds for land project. Building two classrooms for orphaned school children in Burkina Faso. The church at Tita Burkina Faso is growing again after many years of terrorist attacks.

March 2024 Prayer Letter - Terrorist attacks, many needs, 78 saved in one villiage.

Decemer 2023 Prayer Letter - Caring for 120 orphans, terrorist attacks, churches are growing, people are saved. Need you help purchasing land to expand.

September 2023 Prayer Letter - A new church at Bagrouatenga in Burkina Faso, people saved and baptisted in Togo, ordination service. Need funds forland and building and for school expenses for 3 preacher boys.

June 2023 Prayer Letter - Terrorists in the north, need help for refugees. God is blessing.

March 2023 Prayer Letter - Terrorist attachs in Togo and Burkina Faso, 45 saved in one village in Burkina Faso. Need funds for land and building.

December 2022 Prayer Letter - souls saved, including sister, critical need for $50,000 for land, need funds for students

September 2022 Prayer Letter - 171 saved at VBS, churches are strong, some are growing, need $50,000 for land

May 2022 Prayer Letter - Churches are open and people are in church. God is working is very difficult times. More salvations and baptisms.

March 2022 Prayer Letter - Togo churches open after 2 years, terrorist attacks, high inflation, fist wedding in Burkina Faso

January 2022 Prayer Letter in a difficult year completed two building projects and organized an evangelization campaign in the dangerous country of Burkina Faso

Novermber 2021 Prayer Letter church open again, 304 attending Christian School, VBS in Sept. 238 attended, 94 saved

September 2021 Prayer Letter 23 baptized, terrorists attach, many covid restrictions, and churches are meeting again

June 2021 Prayer Letter 14 baptized, looking for help with building projects and transportation needs

March 2021 Prayer Letter even with severe covid restrictions, God is blessing

January 2021 Prayer Letter report on 6 churches in Togo and 4 churches in Burkina Faso

November 2020 Prayer Letter churches and scho2020 about our 10 churches in Togo and Burkina Fasool in Togo now open!

September 2020 Prayer Letter churches in Togo closed but open in Burkina Faso, progress on building projects, feeding church families during Covid-19

July 2020 Prayer Letter feeding churches because of COVID19, new salvations and baptisms

May 2020 Prayer Letter building a church at Tita, people need food, ministry is growing and need churches to join with up in these last days when many people are being reached.

March 2020 Prayer Letter terrorism in Burkina Faso, opposition is many areas. The burden is great, our ministry area is growing, the needs are great, and we need more people to help.

December 2019 Prayer Letter terrorism in Burkina Faso, churches and school growing in Togo

October 2019 Prayer Letter 830 at 2 youth camps, 182 saved. 313 in Christian Academy. Need to have more schools to reach the next generation with God's Word. Need help with several critical financial needs.

June 2019 Prayer Letter New church in Togo. Many souls saved in Togo and Burkina Faso. Delays in leaving for Togo.

March 2019 Prayer Letter Shipping containers, getting ready to go to Togo

December 2018 Prayer Letter Update on ministries in Togo, leaving for Togo soon, what you can do

October 2018 Prayer Letter Returning to Togo early next year, many needs for God's people to help with

September 2018 Prayer Letter Need $40,000 for church building, needs of other churches where souls are being saved and new believers are being fed

July 2018 Prayer Letter Mother went to Heven, Pastors Conference, back in USA

April 2018 Prayer Letter In US. Churches in Togo growing, ready to add #6. Expanding into Burkina Faso

January 2018 Prayer Letter In the US, God's blessings in 2017, trusting the Lord in 2018

November 2017 Prayer Letter In the US, civil unrest in Togo, ministries still growing

August 2017 Prayer Letter In the US visiting churches, building progress in Togo, plans for new auditorium

May 2017 Prayer Letter In the US visiting churches

March 2017 Prayer Letter New church started, 130+ preacher as Preachers Conference

December 2016 Prayer Letter Baby boy, new Christian Academy opens with 76 students

September 2016 Prayer Letter Christian Academy, wedding, baptism, building progress

July 2016 Prayer Letter Pray for our return to the States for furlough

May 2016 Prayer Letter Reached 1500 with the Gospel, 50 professions of faith. Land donated for new church

February 2016 Prayer Letter First Wedding, Baptized 33

December 2015 Prayer Letter Revival team from USA, Pastors and Wives Conference

September 2015 Prayer letter 335 teenagers at youth camp with 58 professions of faith, First Parents Conference

June 2015 Prayer Letter Serious illness, Team from USA led pastoral training, baptized 15 (including my Mother!), completed another church building

March 2015 Prayer Letter New year starts with many saved. Big plans for new year, need your help

December 2014 Prayer Letter First graduates of Bible School, 2014: Difficult year, Satan attacked, God blessed

October 2014 Prayer Letter Baptized 60 new believers at Korbongou, started a church at Kleme

July 2014 Prayer Letter Rock of Ages Prison Ministry, Big One Day Evangelism, Big Baptism

April 2014 Prayer Letter Pastors Confrence, Revival, Souls Saved, Church Growth

Februrary 2014 Prayer Letter Pastors Conference in February, 2014 Goals, Need help to finish two buildings

November 2013 Prayer Letter Report of 2013: attendance, progress on projects, many pictures from Togo

Septemter 2013 Prayer Letter 40 teenages saved at camp, update on buildings, health concerns for Brother Vincent

June 2013 Prayer Letter Preparing for big open door day evangelism, storm damage and roof preparation of new building

March 2013 Prayer Letter 18 baptized Easter Sunday, prison ministry, starting another church, building program, need glasses and support

January 2013 Prayer Letter New church building in north, report of 2012 goals, 2013 goals

November 2012 Prayer Letter Growing, need help to add three new works, 2013 Bible Conference

August 2012 Prayer Letter New building going up, summer youth camp success

May 2012 Prayer Letter Making blocks for new building, need funds for youth camp, churches growing

February 2012 Prayer Letter Bible mission conference, churches growing, need buildings

December 2011 Prayer Letter Purchased land, status of churches, need help with customs bill

October 2011 Prayer Letter - Back in Togo, Church has grown, Need help with customs bill

August 2011 Prayer Letter - Praise God for funds for land in Togo, Urgent need for funds to ship container

June 2011 Prayer Letter - In the USA, getting ready to leave for Togo in September

March 2011 Prayer Letter - In the USA, raising funds and gathering supplies for people in Togo

January 2011 Prayer Letter - In the USA, raising funds to buy land in Togo

November 2010 Prayer Letter - In the USA, God is blessing here and in Togo

September 2010 Prayer Letter - In the USA raising support

June 2010 Prayer Letter - New works started, week long seminar for national pastors

March 2010 Prayer Letter - God's protection in a wreck, people saved, ministry growing

January 2010 Prayer Letter - Shelter dedicated, many saved

October 2009 Prayer Letter - Shelter started, need money for land

August 2009 Prayer Letter - First members of True Light Baptist Church

May 2009 Prayer Letter - Need money for land, and Muslims are trying to take over Togo

February 2009 Prayer Letter - Team of the US taught national pastors in January.

November 2008 Prayer Letter - True Light Baptist Church started on October 19th

September 2008 Prayer Letter - 15 saved in 2 weeks!

June 2008 Prayer Letter - We arrive home in Togo!

March 2008 Prayer Letter

April 2008 Prayer Letter


May God bless you for your support.